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Side Projects

A brief overview of side projects, either initiated or driven by me.

Photo by Cherie Birkner

Designers Circle Berlin

2017-2021   |   role: cofounder, organiser

Together with other community members, I set up a weekly designers meetup, aimed at continuous exchange, advice and collaboration; there are multiple hundreds of designers in the channel. Aside from organising the weekly meetup, this involves projects like events, and a yearly zine publication. This initiative is part of Factory Berlin, a community hub aimed at bringing together freelancers, startups and corporate businesses.

Designers Circle on Instagram ↗


2018-2019   |   role in 3: cofounder & designer

Pheme is a decentralised publishing platform, built on blockchain and peer-to-peer web technologies. No central authority. No data collecting. No targeted ads. Yes freedom of expression.

(Not actively maintained)

See the project live ↗

The Coworking Project

2017-ongoing   |   role: initiator, designer, developer

The Coworking Project is an initiative to give an easy overview of quality coworking spaces in the city. Started as a personal project, then expanded into a publicly available index for those who want to engage in flexible working. Built with NextJS, & Vercel.

See Cowork Berlin live ↗ | See Coworking Istanbul live ↗


2015-2018   |   role (team of 8): cofounder, product lead & designer

Muhit is an online platform allowing citizens and municipalities to collaboratively improve their living environment. Operating in Turkey, Muhit facilitated collaborative mapping to surface problems and opportunities in urban neighbourhoods, and actively engaging municipalities in taking action.

(Not actively maintained)

Read case study → | See the project live ↗

Creative outlet

One of the best opportunities we have when working on digital projects, is that the road from imagination to realisation can be wonderfully short. This means that any good idea can be mocked up, prototyped and launched to a wider audience with minimum effort. My side projects focus on making this world a more transparent, liveable and equal place.


The projects below are some of these projects that I initiated, co-initiated, or spent time on over the past years. If you want to support any of the projects, or support the developoment of new projects in the future, you can do so by buying me a coffee:

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