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I'm a 'full-stack' designer, believe in great visual experiences in digital and analog context wherever the world takes me. Been designing & building things as an independent designer, for clients and startups, for the last 15 years. My work involves these themes:

Digital design as a responsive, context-sensitive solution that suits user's needs.

The main passion in my work lies in the visual and graphic design; I deeply care about how aspects like layout, legibility, colours, typography and contrast work together to form a well designed environment, whether that’s in a virtual 3D environment, a voice operated interface, a web game on a 10” tablet or in print. The fluency with creative software as well as front-end programming languages (html, css, javascript) helps me to indeed realise this consistency of design.

Code is the grain and material of the web & app world.

I believe that working in digital design means an inherent link between visual/interaction design and the code that makes this happen — much like a carpenter's knowledge & control of wood type and behaviour. Design ⇄ code.

Orchestration of dynamic elements.

Designing for the web and mobile apps can no longer be seen as an exercise on a fixed canvas where one lays out objects. Instead, it is an orchestration of dynamic elements, that can have different states & behaviours. Responsive design is a key tool in this orchestration — I've never designed a project without it.

Shaping the world we experience & interact with.

In architecture, a parti describes the central organising idea of a building’s design; expressed in a basic diagram.
This represents the way I approach design: synthesising information into a clearly legible product that translates the message not only through its content, but even its initial appearance. I believe the values and considerations that are concerned with visual design are just as present in architecture: colour, proportions, materials, tactility, usability, and the continuous process of revision in search for true quality.

Want to talk further? About a future or current project, about what drives you or just to say hello? I like people. We can talk.

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