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one4good is a subscription-based service that supports social and sustainable projects worldwide by enabling users to donate a monthly amount, with 70% going directly to selected projects and the remaining 30% used to maximize their impact and gain more supporters. For one4good, we envisioned the complete visual language for the brand, as well as landing pages and platform UX/UI design.


In 2021, I got approached by one4good to help shape a new digital-first donation platform, which a very simple concept: a curated selection of social good projects for positive impact, where users can subscribe to for a fixed monthly amount. They needed help to shape the initial brand, then landing page, and ultimately the product design of the actual platform.

Together, we shaped a multi-phase project, where we took the simple and clearly design logo and colour palette (by Fran Romero), and figured out the full visual language that will help bring it to life. This resulted in a successful crowdfunding campaign and a functional web platform (also mobile-optimised and progressive web app).

Design System

In order to set the foundations for a product language that could be iterated on and evolve, a flexible technology setup of a responsive web application was chosen (PWA). For this application, we designed a simple and effective design system, relying on a small set of essential patterns throughout the app: a tile-based overview, a versatile list view, and a media-rich detail page.

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