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Inflight VR Experience Concept

As a startup that has proven its worth as an innovator in the airline industry, I was invited to work with Inflight VR on one of their first concept interfaces that could be used in airline VR headsets. Given the early stage of VR/AR interaction research, a key part of the project was to identify emerging best practices and tailor them to the specific use case.


Inflight VR provides a revenue-generating VR platform for inflight entertainment. They combine profitability with a concept that is futuristic and ambitious: coming up with an immersive VR entertainment experience in passenger airline flights. They approached me at the start of 2017 to bring a user experience design angle to the table for the first iterations of the platform.

Design Process

A key part of the project at this stage was to explore and define the constraints and opportunities of working with VR — the fact that it is such a new medium blows the field of options wide open. I came up with a few categories to frame my research, applying both to the physical context of being in an airplane, as well as being fully immersed in a digital world: Viewing & Angles, Input, Menu/interface, and Experience.


We came up with an interface concept that emphasises the spatial character of the interface, while still preserving a sense of familiarity for the user. We drew inspiration from the multidirectional way of scrolling as seen on the Apple Watch, coming up with a dynamic layout that encourages exploration. To be able to provide consistency throughout the interface and between different apps, a bottom system menu was introduced that is always reachable.

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